Disease never takes a break, so neither do we

Making the impossible, possible!

Despite its challenges, 2021 will be a year to celebrate some key milestones in medical innovation. During 2021 we will evolve the We Won’t Rest campaign, which continues to be used widely across more than 40 countries and 22 languages, to help celebrate these milestones.

Everything from Polio to HIV to Ebola to COVID-19 seemed at times unbeatable. But science and innovation always finds a way to do what was once impossible. Innovation beats impossible. For patients we are making the impossible, possible.

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Within the next 5-10 years cutting edge developments in medicine will transform the lives of patients. These are the main therapy areas set to make the biggest difference.

Patient stories

Stories of successfully cured patients.

Millions of people wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for life-changing science. 

And many more wouldn't be living the lives they do.

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Pledge Wall

Breakthroughs only come about because of the passion, commitment and dedication of individuals, teams and companies working to discover and develop new medicines for patients.

Read about the pledges industry experts have made to help make the world a healthier place.

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